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Version - 24.01.002RELa

Release/DescriptionDate/NotesZendesk IDJIRA ID
CLONE - 24.01.002(RELa)--Quote Form changes

Developed new Service Order Form # 102 custom for MSD

CLONE -24.01.02RELa Error message memo comments

We fixed data row Index for Due data column error in below grid in receivable tab Edit button .

24.01.002(RELa) CLONE - Dispatch Board Error - Item Lines Screen

Fixed code, to overcome the null reference error while open item lines after departing the schedule in Dispatch board.

CLONE - 24.01.002(RELa) --Customer Number Not Showing up on PM invoices

Fixed the display issue of customer number and charge customer number fields being cutoff on service agreement invoice forms # 14, 66 and 79.

Copied to test folder in S2N2 and tested

CLONE - Error when selecting Post & Scan during AP entry to job - 24.01.002REL

changed the length of jobno in savepayableregcomm sp to solve the issue.

CLONE -24.01.002REL- Root Bros: New 940s sent on printed pick slips

If the pick printed order or the 940 file has been sent, there's no need to resend the 940 file to the user.

CLONE-24.01.002 - Error Message When Adding Activity

Fixed error while adding the activity code or new activity.

CLONE-24.01.002REL - AmWeather: Deposit still not applying to invoice after 006RELg

Fixed issue with post invoice creating a separate AR transaction instead of applying deposit to the invoice.

CLONE -24.01.002(RELa) Cannot use certain divisions when creating a work order

Fixed Message when creating new service order we increased AllowSoDivison length 50 to 300 in sp and dl File

CLONE - 24.01.002(RELa) --Duffys: Service Quote 120 form change

Modified service quote form 120 as per the text changes given.

CLONE-24.01.002RELa - Exception Message: Input string was not in a correct format.

Fixed Input string was not in a correct format exception on Update Work Center & Delivery Date screen.

CLONE-24.01.002(RELa) - error on William's GE log in when I select the labor tab on any service order

Solved Object reference error, when open LaborTab in ServiceOrder Entry.

As William has Security applied on applied security on LaborTab > LaborDetails(grp box),LaborLines(Grid),Totals(Grp box),Operations buttons.

24.01.002REL CLONE - Customer Master Module Screen Issue 24.01.001REL

Fixed all 12 bugs in related versions and related dlls

24.01.002REL - (Cust Mod) OT Calculation after 8 hours

Newly implemented the Daily Over Time Calculation criteria screen and Overtime Daily Calculations Screen

CLONE -24.01.002REL- Order Entry Module Screen Issue 24.01.001REL

fixed the multiple issues like focus issue in Gird gird once edit the line , 2 and 3 Points have issue with no of decimals in pricing group, now we are not allowing to save 0 decimals in pricing group and update the script if no of decimals 0 then updated to 2.

COM050 Hold price

fixed SP hold the additional value when user edit and change the value if SO was credit rebuild.