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Accounts Receivable Management
How many invoices do you/your company process per month?
Document Management – Printing
How many office employees do you have?
Document Management – Filing
How many file cabinets do you have?
Accounts Payable Invoice
How many vouchers do you process per month?
Accounts Payable Checks
How many checks do you process per month?
What is the # of inbound faxes?
What is the average # of pages per inbound fax?
What is the # of outbound faxes?
Accounting Costs
How much do you spend annually on outside accounting services?
Warranty Processing
How many warranty claims do you process per month?
Inventory Bar Coding Physical Count
What is the average hourly wage for an order clerk?
On average, a part # is processed how many times per sell?
What is the amount of monthly SKUs sold?
Inventory Shipping & Receiving
What is the average hourly wage for a shipping clerk?
On average, how many packages are shipped and/or received per month?
Customer Service
What is the # of CSR’s in your office?
What is the average hourly wage for customer service personnel?
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