Leadership Team

Dan Davis Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Jennifer Davis President
Since 1988, Dan & Jennifer Davis have worked passionately together to fulfill the corporate mission statement to leverage their industry expertise and customer relationships to create integrated, industry-specific software solutions.

Dan acts as the company’s CEO and leads the corporate product development team. As a University of Chicago alumni, Dan uses his insightful development leadership and broad product knowledge to further position Davisware as an unparalleled solution in its marketplace. Outside of work, Dan is an active community volunteer and spends the majority of his time coaching basketball. He also enjoys gardening, raising chickens and being the chauffer of family road trips.

Jennifer is the President of the organization, while leading the business development team. She is active in many trade organizations and has been a keynote speaker at notable corporations and industry meetings, addressing topics ranging from disaster planning to what it’s like to be a female entrepreneur while raising a family. Jennifer is an avid kickboxer, runner, competitive stair-climber, tri-athlete and enjoys any sport that keeps her active. As a community volunteer, Jennifer has been a member of the Little League Board of Directors, an officer of the school parent association has co-chaired several charity auctions.

Dan and Jennifer love to share their values of hard work, community service, fitness and patriotism with their eight children. With such a large family, they understand better than most what it means to balance work and family. The Davis’ and the entire Davisware organization place high importance on family and community service, as reflected in their corporate giving programs and family-friendly work environment.

Derek Kratz,
Product Manager (GE)

Derek is one of Davisware’s most experienced Project Managers and was recently promoted to Chief Development Officer where he will oversee the development of our 5 main products, including GlobalEdge, S2K Vision, Global One Fleet, Remote Field Service and Global Warranty. He is also the acting product manager for GlobalEdge and, as such, is responsible for all system enhancements and custom modifications implemented for clients.

Prior to joining Davisware, Derek worked in the PEI industry in a variety of capacities where he used Davisware products. This experience from the customer’s perspective, coupled with his strong project managerial background, has been a wonderful asset in his work with Davisware customers. A graduate of Eastern Illinois University, Derek lives in Tinley Park with his 2 children, Lucas and Kylie. When time allows, he enjoys endurance sports and traveling.

Mark Friederick,
Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Mark coordinates and oversees (as well does himself) any hardware, networking and interface changes for all the Davisware business products.

With an Associate of Applied Science degree, Mark draws from his education and many years of experience in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering gained during his tenure at a large manufacturing company. He has a natural talent for solving even the most complex network, hardware and mechanical problems. Mark works with Davisware project managers to set up new accounts in order to ensure their software is installed correctly and peripheral hardware is working properly. Mark also communicates with the customer regarding specific installation instructions and possible issues.

Mark works out of his home office near Galena, Illinois area where he lives with his wife, Kris. He is the proud father of two children, Mitchel and Jenna and his 2 grandchildren, Skyla and Sven. Mark is a passionate snowmobiler and enjoys fixing anything from electronics to automobiles.

Nancy Ross,
GE Support Manager

Nancy has been a Senior Project Manager at Davisware almost since the company’s inception. She provides training as well as customer support and program support to our clients. One of Nancy’s most notable strengths is her ability to solve complex business problems and programming issues. While functioning in this capacity, Nancy is also transitioning to work more directly with the development team for customer requests analysis and software changes specific to the needs of individual customers.

With a degree in computer science and an accounting minor, Nancy also received her CPA designation in 1999. She understands software is a dynamic, challenging and often demanding business – constantly changing and certainly never boring. Nancy welcomes the challenge of being forced to think “outside the box” in order to provide a simple yet effective solution that will accommodate a customer’s many requests.

Nancy is a native of Chicago and lives with her husband and two children in Arlington Heights. She enjoys classical music, ballet, gardening and the Cubs. One of her favorite ways of mixing business with pleasure is in the enjoyment of baseball experiences in the various parks throughout the United States.